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Helpful Resources to Assist in Your Planning                   
For those engaged in the planning stages of your custom home in the Estes Valley, you are welcome to the information and resources offered below. We are grateful to our colleagues who have added resources beyond what we can offer alone.

At the top of our colleagues list, you might want to start with looking at the resources provided by the Estes Park Board of Realtors and the Affiliate Members, Estes Park Real Estate Servives.

Ram's Horn Unit B East Facade In order to help our clients visualize their design, we offer 3D modeling of your project via ArchiCAD. Explore this capability by visiting the “Conceptual Windcliff Project” here on our website. Also, google "building information modeling ArchiCAD" to study the latest computer design trends.
You are welcome to download the following reports to help you plan your residential project. These guides have been developed by Eric Bobrow, a "guru" of 3D (BIM) architectural modeling, and architect Enoch Sears (AIA), for your easy reading. © 2012-2114, Eric Bobrow, All Rights Reserved. These print-quality PDFs range in size from 672Kb to 25Mb.
cover of Vernacula Mountain Architecture brochure We are lucky to have had client assignments asking us to design their custom homes with the historical context of the Estes Valley in mind. Our brochure explains what we mean by “Vernacular Mountain Architecture”.
Steve & Betty Nickel We are happy to schedule an introductory meeting to get acquainted and to discuss the “dream home” you have in mind. A visit to your site and a tour of 2-3 of our completed projects is included. For renovation, an on-location review is critical. In all cases, liaison with Planning and Building Officials, as needed, is quite routine.
Van Horn Engineering staff At times, unusual site and/or engineering considerations exist. In these cases, our local civil engineering firm, Van Horn Engineering, offers up-front complimentary observations regarding septic field design, driveway access, site buildability, etc. Get acquainted with these nice folks.
Ashley On a light note, here is a series of short videos that lampoons the design and construction process, as little Ashley proposes to build a snowman. Enjoy! (By the way, the process usually goes much more smoothly in the Estes Valley.)
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