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Interior Details
Integral to the architectural development of our residential projects, we place a studious emphasis on the interior “articulation” of spaces using: architectural mouldings, beams, columns, ceiling definition of spaces, etc. Below are examples.
Detail of Timbered Ceiling Aspen Valley Ranch. The Interior of Aspen Valley Ranch features a double-height great room, dining room, kitchen, and hearth room all united by a continuous timber and truss ceiling composition. Pictured is a partial view of this ceiling composition.
Interior View from Kitchen Rocky Mountain Arts-and-Crafts. This interior view reflects the Stickley-inspired Arts-and-Crafts tradition prevalent in the Estes Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park. It features a rustic timbered ceiling, vintage dormers, and log accents. The project was featured as "A Home to Remember" in Mountain Living magazine.
Carved Owl by Garry Kaepplinger Rocky Mountain Arts-and-Crafts. In the construction of the log staircase for this project, our very creative “Master Carpenter” Garry Kaepplinger had an idea: “Let me extend the bottom newell post enough so I can carve an owl on the top. If they don’t like it, we can always cut it off.” Clearly, the clients liked it, as do we.
Arts & Crafts Entry Mountain Bungalow. This inviting entrance reflects the cozy interior of this rustic Rocky Mountain cabin. The project was featured on the cover of Mountain Living magazine’s Christmas edition.
Timber & Log Great Room Wall Bluff Lodge. This beautifully trussed wood ceiling reflects the mountain flavor of the house, while the large expanses of glass are designed to capture the stunning Rocky Mountain views.
Gallery at Great Room Bluff Lodge. The balcony is accented by log and iron details and also captures the stunning veiws from this circulation corridor. All are capped by the heavily timbered truss ceiling.
Conference Room Graves Plaza. The landmark Estes Park RE/MAX Office Building features this sumptous Conference Room for tenants and guests. A Classical execution of a coffered ceiling and wainscoating in rustic knotty alder make it a masterful centerpiece of the building.
Staircase with Timbered Ceiling Graves Plaza. The second centerpiece of the RE/MAX building is this singular stairhall leading to the second floor office suites. The intricate, and carefully composed, timbered ceiling above is an introduction to the stunning “lodge-like” treatment of the entire first floor lobby and second floor balcony.
Lobby from Staircase with Timber Trusses Graves Plaza. At the stairhall landing, tennants on the second floor are treated to the lodge-like warmth of the lobby area.
Balcony at Second Floor Graves Plaza. Pictured here are details of the Douglas fir & iron trusses and planked wood ceiling. Additional iron accents are in the balcony railings and light fixtures.
Great Room from Kitchen Twin Lambs Ranch. An eclectic interior features window walls articulated with Douglas fir timber posts, lintels, and trusses. This project was featured as “Mountain Magic” in Log & Timber Style magazine.
Master Bedroom with Forest View Eagle’s Cliff. This luxurious master suite is designed along 35 feet of glass, offering a spectacular connection to the Rocky Mountain site. Pictured here is the timbered ceiling and intimate views of the Rocky Mountain forest almost within reach from the master bedroom.
Garden Room & Balcony Deer Path. The garden room and balcony pictured here is at the end of a gallery spine which symmetrically organizes the main living spaces. The articulation is a Classical Etruscan Order Colonnade and graceful Classical curves. It was featured as “Wide Open Spaces” in the Lake Forester (Chicago North Shore) magazine.
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